TEEN TOPICS – WEEK 84: Do you have a preference between saying you are diabetic vs saying you have diabetes?  If yes, why?

Annelies (age 15)
I don’t have a preference between saying I have diabetes or that I’m diabetic. I don’t really think there is a difference, I don’t mind either way.

Cameron (age 18)
I usually tend to say I have diabetes. I feel like saying “I’m diabetic” is used a lot by older people that have Type 2, so I’ve always said it the other way. I don’t even think there is a big reason for it, it is just what I have always done

Caroline (age 15)
No, I refer to myself as having Type One Diabetes as well as being a diabetic. I don’t honestly have a preference. Type One is a part of me, but it doesn’t define me, no matter how I describe myself.

Christina (age 15)
No, I have no preference between saying I am a diabetic vs saying I have diabetes. Neither term feels very negative to me. I am more concerned with making sure people know I have type 1 diabetes or that they know certain information about type 1 diabetes that is different from type 2 when it is necessary.

Claire (age 18)
I don’t really have a preference if I’m being honest. I refer to myself as both interchangeably, and don’t dislike one or like one more than the other.

Erin (age 18)
I think for me, it depends on the person such as how well I know them. Also for the situation as well. I use them both equally.

Haley (age 14)
I prefer to say I’m diabetic. I’m not exactly sure why, but I just don’t like the word diabetes. Maybe because people always use the word diabetes when they’re joking about getting it because they’re eating too many candy bars.

Ian (age 15)
I prefer saying that I have diabetes because then I do not let the diabetes have any possession of me or place in my personality.

Jordan (age 19)
I have no preference either way, they both entail the same thing and get the point across that you are diabetic/ have diabetes.  Some people may say that the phrase “being diabetic” shows that you are controlling the diabetes, while “having diabetes” may sound like the diabetes has the control, but to me, they are on and the same.

Julia (age 15)
I don’t really have a preference for either of them. To me they mean the same thing so I use them interchangeably

Laura (age 18)
I’ve never really thought of a difference. I flip back and forth from saying both of them all the time. 🙂

Maggie (age 17)
I don’t really have a preference between the two. My friends and I say it either way and sometimes it’s not even diabetic they call me a diabete and I’m fine with it. When I talk to people I usually just say I’m diabetic because it’s easier to say and it isn’t as forced.

Skylyn (age 17)
I do have a preference. I prefer saying I’m a diabetic vs. saying I have diabetes. The word diabetes kind of bothers me; like just the sound of the word. I don’t know why but the word diabetes bugs me so I always say I’m a diabetic.


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