TEEN TOPICS – WEEK 75:  How do you handle your diabetes and D supplies when doing active things, such as sports, beach days, skiing, etc…? 

Annelies (age 15)
With my blood sugar, I usually try to find out how to manage my IOB so I don’t drop during games or practice. I usually have someone watch my stuff or keep it close enough to be able to access it quickly. With treating, I think it depends. If I’m low I usually try to have juice nearby especially on hot days, and if I’m high, I have to be really careful with how much insulin I dose.

Andrew (age 15)
When playing sports, I always have a kit in both my sports bag and in the medical bag that our team takes to every game and practice. I also keep low supplies in my bag and the medical bag in case I need them. Whenever I’m doing an activity, I always test before the activity, at least once during the activity, and after to make sure my numbers stay in line. I do give myself a higher basal during sports to address my adrenaline rush and I drop the rates after to accompany the drop in blood sugar due to my activity.

Ashley (age 16)
I’ll check my blood sugar before I do an activity and see what I’m at and go from there. With my supplies I’ll normally take my pump off and keep my other things in a cooler.

Cameron (age 18)
I always put my supplies in a sling bag and brng that bag with me everywhere. I play tennis, so I keep my pump in my pocket like it usually is, and I keep my CGM in my tennis bag and will look at it occasionally.

Caroline (age 15)
When I am doing my activities such as marching band and beach days, I have an “Otter Box” that I put my CGM & PDM in. The “Otter Box” is sand proof, wind proof, water proof, etc & keeps my devices dry & cool. I keep these devices in the “Otter Box” & my low supplies, snacks, etc as well as my insulin in a cooler to keep it cool. I keep them safe by combining the “Otter Box” & the cooler in a specific bag that is labeled just for diabetes. When I need to test or treat I use the hand sanitizer that I have in my diabetes bag when I don’t have access to soap and water to wash my hands.

Christina (age 15)
As a cross country and track runner, taking care of my diabetes is super important. I rarely drop while I’m running but before practice, or a cross country race, I always put a little fruit snack pack in my sports bra, so I can grab them if I feel like I am dropping during a run. I do not carry any other supplies with me while I’m running, but for indoor season I carry my test kit with me to the sidelines in my spike bag. I usually test right before I start to warm up and if I’m too low for my liking I will have something small but if my sugar is fine I don’t test again until after my race. I’ve found that this works for me, but everyone is different, especially with how their sugars react to exercise.

Claire (age 18)
 I handle my diabetes just like I normally do, I keep my supplies as close as I can. However, considering I used to Rodeo and I horseback ride quite often, I can’t really keep all my supplies up on the horse with me, so I keep them either with my parents when I rodeo, or safe in the truck.  It’s typically the truck considering I’m 18 now and they have given me my space to be independent, which I greatly appreciate.

Erin (age 18)
I think it depends on the activity location and intensity of activity. For example, in the winter I keep my supplies inside somewhere out of the cold while sledding but if I feel low I go in to check. Last summer I went to the beach and just kept my supplies in and a bag in the shade because it was cooler than leaving in a car. The only sport I can say what it’s like with is volleyball, and I was allowed to keep my bag near me off the court and wear Med id. I played less than others because I went low a lot during practices. As for where to keep supplies safe,that in the end is just judging the situation you’ll be in ahead of time. Always put your diabetes first and check when you feel unwell and treat with what you have on you or find a way to get food that you need to treat near your activity you are involved in.

Haley (age 14)
Whenever I’m playing sports it’s not that big of a deal for me to handle my diabetes and supplies. I always do a bg check before I get started and determine if I need a snack to keep me from going low. I keep my supplies in my backpack on the sidelines, and there’s always someone who knows where it is in case of an emergency. Going to the beach is a little trickier for me if my parents aren’t around (if they are, they keep up with my stuff). If I’m only going to be on the beach for an hour or two I keep my meter and something for lows in a small insulated bag inside a drawstring backpack. I make sure to do bg checks more frequently when I’m out swimming.

Ian (age 15)
The only thing that I do if that sort is bicycling, and when I do that, I attach it to my luggage rack. When I dance, I keep my bag in the studio and keep my pump on and tucked away. If I need to decrease basal, instead of stopping to adjust, I quickly and discretely unplug my pump from the site, and plug it back in when I no longer don’t need it.

Jordan (age 19)
Before I exercise I make sure my number is not too low – and if it’s close to low I’ll eat a snack uncovered.  I always make sure I have extra juice or Gatorade on hand in case I go low.  I take my pump off and put it in my backpack with my other supplies and try to set it somewhere out of the sun.

Julia (age 15)
I always keep my diabetes supplies on the bench while playing sports and our manager always carries them with her when we move. I wear a pouch around my stomach and keep my pump in that during games.

Laura (age 18)
Whenever I’m out and about doing “active things” I do the same thing as I would any other time. I carry my supplies in a backpack or something, and I keep it with me at all times. Sometimes I change what I carry based off what I’ll be doing. (i.e. extra snacks/juice if I’m doing heavy exertion.) I test/treat as needed.

Lexi (age 16)
If I’m ever on a big trip that lasts longer than 3 days and I’m hours away or something I make sure I pack extras just in case. With sports I bring a poweraid and take sips out of it every so often to keep my sugars from dropping.

Maggie (age 17)
I always carry a bag with me with juice, a meter, and sites. Depending on the activity I may take my pump off and put it in my bag. Sometimes I may go on shots if I know my sites won’t stay in. I usually test every 2 hours if I’m doing large amount of activity like swimming and I’ll correct if I feel like I’m dropping or if I know I’m dropping. I’ll also check to make sure I’m not going too high. If I do take off my pump and I’ll sit out and correct for that if it’s necessary.

McKenna (age 16)
I bring extra supplies when I’m doing active things. I keep my supplies in a little purse so it doesn’t bring a lot of attention. I keep the supplies safe by being careful with everything I do. I test and treat like usual but if it’s during a sporting event such as basketball I check during half time and give a unit if needed. Otherwise everything stays the same.

Skylyn (age 17)
On days when I’m going to be doing something active, I just kinda deal with the circumstances and do what I know. For example, if I’m going swimming at the lake or something, I’ll leave my pump and supplies with someone who isn’t swimming or I’ll leave it in the car in a bag on the floor out of the sun near something cold so it won’t overheat. If I feel low or anything, I’ll just go test and treat myself.

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