TEEN TOPICS – WEEK 74: Do you wear any sort of sensor/cgm (Dexcom or Enlite)?  Why or why not?  What do you like/dislike about it?  

Annelies (age 15)
I wear a Dexcom, and I like the security it gives me. The site hurts a little going in, but it’s worth it.

Andrew (age 15)
I do wear a cgm, an Enlite cgm to be exact, that is linked to my Medtronic 630g pump. I wear a cgm because it allows me to have a better understanding of my blood sugar spikes, lows, and other abnormalities that I can address and correct at a later date. I like wearing a cgm because of the accuracy it helps me achieve with my numbers and the information it constantly gives me about my numbers. I dislike my cgm because it adds another thing to my body that can be accidently tugged, pulled, or yanked.

Ashley C. (age 16)
I’ll wear my cgm dexcom randomly for like a month then take a break from it. I don’t like it because it’s just another site you have to wear and change out.  You also have to calibrate it every day so I’d rather just not wear it.

Cameron (age 18)
I wear a Dexcom because it’s nice to be able to see where my numbers are all the time. I like it because it shows when I’m going low/high.

Caroline (age 15)
I wear a Dexcom CGM. I chose to begin wearing a CGM because I became extremely unaware of my hypoglycemia and my doctor recommended getting a CGM in order to prevent having extreme lows. I really like the fact that I can always know my number because I can prick my finger less, and I can determine how to dose based on the situation I am in & what my sugar is at the moment. The only thing I dislike sometimes is the constant, constant reminders when I’m high. It can get annoying.

 Christina (age 15)
No, I don’t wear any type of sensor. I don’t want to wear a sensor at the moment because it is another device that would be attached to me. Also, I have a hard time changing my pump site on time every 3 days, so I can’t imagine having to worry about another site. Lastly, I can be a bit of a worrier and I don’t think having access to my blood sugars trends 24/7 would be good for me; I would constantly obsess over the graph. For me, it’s good to not be so connected to my blood sugars.

Claire (age 18)
I don’t wear one, no.  It’s not that I don’t like them, however I think that they’re better for little kids whose parents want to keep a closer eye on their kid’s numbers. I, on the other, have a good grasp on how I feel in relation to my blood sugar, and just don’t feel they’re necessary for older kids.

Erin (age 17)
I do not wear a cgm but have been interested in one at times. With the new Medtronic pump/CGM I would possibly be interested in getting it however I do remember not liking having a pump site when I was on a pump. I like how it tracks sugars and you can watch trends but do not like having to wear something that’s like a site on me 24/7 and then still checking with a meter.

Haley (age 14)
I am not currently wearing a cgm. I have worn one as a trial for a couple of weeks. But, while I like being able to see how my bg is trending, I don’t like having something attached to me all the time. Also, another downside is it’s another piece of equipment I have to keep up with.

Ian (age 15)
I wear the dexcom for the control and knowledge it gives me. I love the currentness of it, but the transmitter is far too bulky, especially with a belt on.

Jordan (age 18)
I wear the Enlite cgm periodically because it helps me monitor my BG.  I don’t like how much it beeps or alarms.  It annoys me.  It’s difficult to deal with because I can never seem to calibrate it properly, so it isn’t as accurate as it could be. It also always catches on everything. I’m not a fan.

Julia (age 15)
I wear a Dexcom. I wear it to help regulate my sugar to catch highs and lows quicker. I like it because it is very useful but it also can be a pain because it’s another thing attached to me.

Laura (age 17)
I wear the Dexcom. I really enjoy this because it makes it less of a hassle to handle my blood sugar. Not only that, but it makes me more comfortable falling asleep at night knowing that if I go low, an alarm will make me up. The only bad thing about the cgm is that it makes me lazy about testing my blood sugar.

Lexi (age 16)
I would love to but the extra site scares me, especially because I’ve seen what the needle looks like.

Maggie (age 16)
I wear a Dexcom. My mom likes to keep track of my numbers and I think it helps me keep an eye on if I’m going up or down. I think it’s helpful but I don’t like the constant alarming it can get annoying.

McKenna (age 16)
I wear a cgm and it has its ups and downs. Some perks are that I do not have to check my blood sugar as much, it’s usually very accurate, and it helps me keep my A1C in check. Some of the downsides are that sometimes it can be very noticeable, sometimes it can become very itchy or it can hurt when putting it in.

Skylyn (age 16)
I wear an Enlite sensor mainly because my stepmother makes me. I am not a fan of the sensors. She wants me to wear them all the time which I don’t think is necessary. I feel like the sensor would be beneficial before endo appointments so my doctor can have more info to look at but that’s about it. I also test myself like 6 times a day at least and during the night so I don’t see the point of the sensor. They affect what I wear whenever I go out places. They are not very accurate either.

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