TEEN TOPICS – WEEK 73: In regards to school dances (such as prom) or other fancy occasions – how do you handle dressing up with T1?  What do you do with your pump/cgm (if you wear one)?  How do you manage injections? Testing?

Annelies (age 15)

I usually have shorts under my dress, so if I need to bolus I can just get it. It’s usually not a big deal when it comes to testing and blousing.

Andrew (age 15)
As a freshman I’ve never been to prom, although I have been to homecoming, and from my experience managing your diabetes during those occasions doesn’t differentiate much from your normal care. If you test and bolus before the dance, maybe once during, and after you should be fine. When dressing for an occasion I wear my pump proudly on my waist and my cgm is covered by my clothing so I don’t change much for fancy occasions.

Ashley C. (age 16)
When I dress up for dances and have to wear a dress I wear nike pros (shorts) under it, so I’ll just hook my pump on to it. With my meter, I’ll just carry it around in my normal meter bag and if I have to test I’ll just go off to the side and test.

Cameron (age 18)
I just tuck my tubing under my clothes to where it’s comfortable enough to wear without being noticeable. I keep my pump and CGM in my pocket like I usually do. When I test, I just pull my meter out and do it because almost all of my friends know I have diabetes.

Caroline (age 15)
I wear an OmniPod & a Dexcom CGM, both of which are wireless, meaning nothing that has to be constantly clipped to me. I put my PDM for my OmniPod & my receiver for my Dexcom in my bag & I pull them out as needed for dosing decisions or to handle any issues. When I need to test my sugar, I just pull out my testing materials & test. Most people that I am with know I have Type 1 Diabetes & so there is no reason for me to hide my testing or dosing.

Christina (age 15)
Since being diagnosed I have been to a few dances where I have worn dresses. I like to wear my pump without its clip case in a pump pocket that my mom bought me online. The pocket discretely goes around my thigh and it keeps my pump secure and when I’m sitting down I don’t mind lifting my dress up a tiny bit to bolus. When I wear skirts I usually clip my pump to my waist or use the pump pocket. In regards to testing, I don’t like to carry a big “diabetes” bag with me to fancy occasions, so I use a Coach wristlets that fits my glucagon, test kit, low supplies, and a few other essentials. It’s the perfect size and keeps everything I need to test if I feel low from dancing or am about to eat.

Claire (age 18)
When I was in High School, for prom and other dances I would typically put my pens in a small clutch along with some needle tips and my blood checker. It wasn’t a really big deal, and I would just wear what I would normally wear, and when I inject I just pull my dress up a little bit, and when I check my blood I just prick my finger as normal.

Erin (age 17)
High school events it depended on what it was. If it was a game I went to watch I would carry the supplies on me to test and give injections if needed. For dances I would test whenever I felt I needed and grabbed my bag from the bag check in. Typically for prom/homecoming groups are beforehand so I would take insulin according to the meal and upcoming activity. Usually the dances had water and some sort of snack so I never had to worry much if I was high or low. I never had to think much where to put supplies as I always have a bag of some sort. For college now at events and games I just carry a bag like I did in high school.

Haley (age 14)
I don’t wear a pump or cgm, so I haven’t had to be concerned with what to do about them. I just keep my supplies off to the side (preferably where a chaperone can keep an eye on my bag) and if I need to do a check or injection I just find a spot to sit down where I can do it. I don’t have a problem with doing injections or checks in public, but I try to be discreet in case there’s someone who has a needle/blood phobia.

Ian (age 15)
I put my pump in my pocket and hide the tubing beneath my shirt and sports coat. I don’t check by blood, rather I rely on CGM for the night, which I check constantly on my pebble watch.  When it comes time to bolus, I do it through the fabric of my pants, using the audio-bolus feature.

Jordan (age 18)
It’s easy as a guy because we can clip our pumps to our waist the same as always, but with girls maybe try to find a dress with pockets to put your pump in.  I just test like normal, it’s nothing you should be embarrassed about doing.
Julia (age 15)
A friend made me a leg pouch to put my pump in so I can keep in on my leg under my dress. I just test my sugar when I need to like I usually do.

Laura (age 17)
I use omnipod which doesn’t have any tubing, so it’s very easy to dress up. I’m not really embarrassed of my pod or cgm or so I don’t go to any extra means to try to hide them. I usually have a side hand bag or something to carry my testing equipment in, and I just test as/bolus as needed.
Lexi (age 16)
I wear shorts like spandex under my dress, although I have to go into a bathroom stall or something because it’d be weird lifting up my dress to get to it in the middle of a dance. But that’s also why I love having a meter that syncs with my pump.

Maggie (age 16)
With school dances I’ll either try and find a dress with pockets and cut a hole in the pocket for my pump wire or I’ll wear a belly band. I usually don’t wear a cgm at dances but I do wear my pump. I’ll go into the bathroom to do insulin and I’ll test where ever I am.

McKenna (age 16)
For school dances I do not wear my cgm that night, I check my blood sugar before I eat, after I eat and in the middle of the dance when I need to get anything I go check my number really quickly. For injections, I always go to the bathroom, calculate my carbs and do my shot in my thigh because it’s easiest to access.

Skylyn (age 16)
I normally wear my pump in a pack that goes around my waist and at school dances, that doesn’t change. I don’t wear super tight dresses so you can’t really see my pump. I wear little shorts under my dresses so I’m all good when I have to bolus. And then for testing, I just keep my meter in my purse.

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