TEEN TOPICS – WEEK 62: Do you think kids should be able to decide if they use shots or pumps or is that up to the parents?

Each week we ask our panel of Type 1 teens from across the country to answer questions about their diabetes.  Here are their answers to this week’s question.

Annelies (age 15)
I think that ultimately it should be what the child is more comfortable with. I think that kids should give pumps a chance if they have the opportunity, but they shouldn’t feel pressured to start it or stay with it.

Andrew (age 15)
The decision as to whether or not a diabetic should use shots or pumps is a conversation that occurs between both the parents and the diabetic, but the final decision should be up to the child because the child is the one being affected by the decision.

Ashley C. (age 14)
I think it depends on the age if the kid because they have to be old enough to understand how it works and everything, but I think they should have a big say so in if they want the pump or shots.

Cameron (age 17)
I think the kids should be the ones that determine his decisions because they’re the ones that are going to have to either wear the pump or give themselves the shots. 

Claire (age 18)
I do believe that it should be the kid’s choice what they use. It’s the kid’s body not the parents, therefore the kids get the ultimate say. Now I counter that with if the kid wants the pump but the parents can’t afford it, the obviously the answer is not to get the pump. However, if both options are open, and the parents favor the one the child despises, then the child’s say is the one that matters most as it is their body. 

Ian (age 15)
I believe that it is up to the child, unless they: (A) are too young to do boluses themselves/ monitor their numbers. (B) Have a physical or mental disability that could be adversely affected by one or the other. Or (C) Are for the option that would cause a great deal of worry or trouble to their parent(s)/ guardian(s).

Jordan (age 18)
I feel like it’s up to the kids because it’s their body so they should decide what to do with it.

Julia (age 15)
I think that kids should be able to pick whether or not they’re on pumps or injections because they have to live with whatever they choose for several years so they should feel as comfortable as possible. 

Lexi (age 16)
Unless the kid is too young to understand, it should be up to them. In my opinion shots are so complicated especially for the parent. But the kid should be allowed to choose.

Maggie (age 16)
Kids should have a say in if the use shots or a pump. It is the kid’s body not the parents. The kid should be able to choose.
Nick (age 19)
As long as the kid has been responsible with their insulin in the past, they should be able to manage their diabetes in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Skylyn (age 16)
I think depends on how old the kid is and how much the kid will be doing when it comes to their management. If they are older, then I feel like they should have more of a say when deciding with their parents. I also feel like it kinda depends on the lifestyle of the child. If they play sports, then it may be better to have the pump. 

Vanessa (age 16)
Depending on the kid’s age, I think the kid should choose what they feel comfortable with and what they want to do as an everyday routine. But of course if they’re a lot younger then whatever their parents feel that works for the kid and their routines then they should choose. 

Haley (age 14)
I would definitely listen to my parents’ opinion and consider what they think is best for me, but ultimately I think it should be up to me. Although, I feel like there could be some situations where the parents might need to make the decision.

Maddy (age 14)
I feel that kids should be able to decide if they use shots or a pump. The parents definitely get an input, but I feel that the kid needs to use whatever they feel more comfortable and confident with so they can manage their diabetes better.

Christina (age 15)
I think that this decision ultimately depends on how old the child is. If a child is younger than 12, I really think that the parents should be the ones to make the ultimate decision, of course with some input from the child. However, teens should be the one to decide what method is better for their life because they are gaining independence and responsibility. An insulin pump gives you tighter control, but if the lifestyle of set changes and always being connected doesn’t work for you, then pens are a better choice. 

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