Teen Topic #50: What changes in your personal diabetes care will you make as you get older? Do you feel your parents set a certain standard to follow? Do you feel it’s unattainable on your own? 


Jordan (age 18)
I think as I get older I will learn more about how important it is to take care of myself. I know I need to test more often and be giving insulin before I eat. I feel like my parents have definitely set a standard, but it’s not unreasonable.

Skylyn (age 16)
There will be changes as I get older and live on my own. One change would be testing my blood sugar in the middle of the night. I more than likely will not do that anymore since my parents test me in the middle of the night now and they won’t be there. I do wake myself up when I am low so then of course I would test and eat something. Otherwise, I will just test before I go to bed and when I get up in the morning.

Lexi (age 16)
I’m not exactly sure, I know as I get older a few things are going to need to change.

Laura (age 17)
I think as I get older I’ll grow more mature and be more precise with my diabetes care. Being a teenager, I feel as if I’m not quite as responsible as I could be. My parents do try to set standards but I disregard a lot of them because although they might know diabetes through facts or textbook, I know my own body personally which makes some of their standards or suggestions faulty as they don’t work with me.

Julia (age 15)
There are a lot of changes that you may have to make on your own as you go to college or when you leave your house. I think a big one would be changing your pump settings by yourself. My nurse has always done that for me so I’m trying to start to transition to doing it by myself but I think that will be difficult to do. But I do believe that it is easily attainable if I work on it now.

Claire (age 17)
I don’t think I’ll make any drastic changes to my diabetes care, other than being better at caring for myself than I am now. My parents certainly do set a standard for me, however I’m not entirely sure it is attainable on my own. But that’s why my parents will always be a phone call away, so if I need their help while I’m at school they’ll be by my side the whole way.

Andrew (age 14)
As I get older I’ll certainly test more and be more careful in the food I choose to eat because as I get older I lose the ability to read my body as accurately as I could when I was younger and my more particular care helps make up for that loss. Goals for my diabetes care have always been attainable for me because my parents have given me a large amount of freedom since I was young and because of that freedom I’ve grown more capable of meeting my own A1C standards and goals.

Jessica (age 20)
As I get older I find myself becoming more independent. I started by checking on my own, giving my own shots, and have now progressed to ordering my own medical supplies. My parents have set an outline and standard for me since day one and I try to follow it. Health should always be a number one priority, but that doesn’t mean that diabetes should keep you from doing what you love; it can just delay things sometimes. I try hard to keep diabetes on the top of the list, however, I sometimes lose sight of that and have to re-group to regain my health and get back on track. Stress, school and my social life begin to creep to the top of the list and diabetes can slowly move towards the bottom. Nonetheless, I am pretty good at recognizing when this happens and try to fix it and/or communicate with my parents for some advice or help. Diabetes management can feel like a burden and getting back on track can seem unattainable, but encouragement from my parents and time helps me hit the ground running again. For the most part, I manage and take care of my diabetes on my own (aside from the reminders and nagging from my parents).

Ashley C. (age 14)
I’ll take better care of myself. My mom’s standards aren’t unattainable, she just wants me to check at least twice a day and take insulin.  I can do it by myself, I just choose not to.

Erin (age 17)
As I get older I know I will need to fully manage my appointments.  My parents do not set a certain standard for me.

Maggie (age 16)
The changes I will make when I get older will be that I will have to become more independent when it comes to my sites. I would also have to figure out how my pump works. I know most of it, but there are a few things I still need to learn. I feel like my parents do set a certain standard for me to live by and I feel as though I am independent with my diabetes care, but it is always good to have them behind me when I need help or don’t understand something.

Annelies (age 15)
I feel like my parents set a pretty good standard for me to follow. They taught me that I should have everything in moderation, and to test anytime something feels off or before meals. They also taught me that I’m not defined by diabetes, and that it’s only a small part of me.

Nick (age 19)
I don’t see any changes coming, besides adapting to new treatments (like pumps/CGM’s). My routine has been working well, and it’s easy enough to modify. Small adjustments to carb ratios and things like that.

Ian (age 14)
I feel the need to acquire a service dog before I move out of the house.  I don’t wake up when I am low or high at night even with alarms. I feel that I’ll follow my parent’s standards, and annex my own.

Cameron (age 17)
I don’t think I’ll change much. My parents did set a foundation for how I should manage certain situations, so I’ll probably just keep doing what I’m doing now.

Ashley B. (age 16)
As of right now, I can’t think of anything that I’d change in my diabetes care. Everything that I have going on (basals, ratios, carb counting, etc) seems as if they’re working. As for the level of attainability, I think that I won’t have very many problems taking care of myself when I’m older. They’ve shown me how to take care of myself, even if I sometimes forget something simple – like checking ketones when I’m sick.

Mercedes (age 17)
The changes that I will make in my personal  diabetes care for when I get older are not too different  from what I’m doing now. I will still take care of myself the best that I can. The only difference there will be is that I won’t have my parents there 24/7 to help me out.


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