Teen Topic #48: Does having diabetes make you worried about having children?


Skylyn (age 16)
Having diabetes doesn’t really make me nervous about having kids. I mean I’m sure when I get older and start dating more, it may concern me more. However, I’m only 16 and do not want to be a teen mom. In the future, I may be more worried but right now I don’t worry about it.

Julia (age 14)
I’m not worried at all about having children. Under normal circumstances, a diabetic giving birth doesn’t have unusual complications.

Lexi (age 16)
It worries me very much. I have looked up possible effects that having a kid could do to you. It’s hard to manage your blood sugars most of the time. Diabetics are more likely to have a miscarriage. It’s so scary thinking about the possibilities.

Vanessa (age 16)
Yes, and I’ve thought about it ever since I was diagnosed. I was always scared that no one would want to marry me knowing I have diabetes because they don’t want their child to be at risk of getting it. And I’ve always been scared that if I did have children when I get older that they would get it and I would feel horrible and I would feel like it was my fault and that they didn’t deserve that. It’s always been a concern but I don’t think I would ever try not to have kids for that reason.

Ashley B. (age 16)
Even if I did want children, diabetes wouldn’t worry me. The only thing is the possible birth defects that the baby can receive if your blood sugar is too high.

Jordan (age 18)
I do worry some.  I know that my children are more likely to get diabetes because I have it.  I also know that if they do get diabetes we will know exactly what to do, so that part doesn’t worry me.  I just don’t want my kids to have to deal with diabetes at all.

Erin (age 17)
Kind of, but I am more worried with another condition I have in addition to diabetes called PCOS, which is common for diabetics to get.

Claire (age 17)
All the time. It makes me scared that I’ll give my children the burden that I have, and even though it’s incredibly manageable, I don’t wish this burden on anyone, let alone my own children. 

Laura (age 17)
YES! I actually think about this often. I’m not afraid of having a kid and then them getting diabetes; I’m afraid of being able to have kids at all. I haven’t really looked into it too much since it’s pretty far off, but I don’t know. I’m just afraid that there will be complications or something.

Ashley C. (age 14)
Actually I haven’t really thought of it because that’s forever away, so let’s not think about it.
Jessica (age 20)
Yes, diabetes does make me worry about having children. I am not as aware as I should be about the genetic component of passing it along, but I know there is a high percentage. I personally fear the pregnancy more than taking care of my child. My health is already shaky on a daily basis and I never feel well, so who know what can happen when I am pregnant. My immune system is already so compromised I’m afraid it won’t be a pleasant journey. Nonetheless, I still want to have children naturally. I feel as though having a child with diabetes will help me to better take care of myself since we will be doing everything together and I will be teaching them all that I have learned over the years. This disease is one that only us T1Ds can relate to, which is something that I will share and cherish with my child. Having children scares me, but it’s something I’ve always wanted and I will overcome the battle when the time comes.

Nick (age 20)
I’m aware of the possibility; diabetes is very prevalent in my family. I’ve talked it over with my fiancée multiple times, and we’re confident it’s something we can handle, especially with the advances in treatment. But yes, it still worries me.

Mercedes (age 17)
I am not at all worried about having kids. Now days we have so many things to help you have a healthy  baby. There is a risk of them also getting diagnosed , but if you think about it, you already know what it is and how to treat it.

Cameron (age 17)
It doesn’t worry me at all. It’s typically not genetic, or it skips a generation, so it looks like my grandchildren can be blessed with my Type 1. Even if my children are diagnosed, at least I have experience and will know what to do.



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