TEEN TOPIC 46:  How often is diabetes actually in the forefront of your mind?  Many parents say it is something that needs to be thought about 24/7. Do you feel that this is true? Do you think that will change as you get older?

Skylyn (age 16)
Diabetes is at the forefront of my mind often but probably not as often as others might think. The times I think about my diabetes are around mealtimes or before I am going to eat something, if I feel low or high, or before and during events. Whether these events be just hanging out with friends or fancy occasions, I think about if I am going to test my BG or not and if so when, how much insulin I need to give myself for the food I may have just eaten, or how and if my pump and sensor will work with my outfit. Other than that, I am usually focused on whatever it is I am or will be doing.

Erin (age 17)
Diabetes is on my mind not 24/7,  but only when I’m eating or feel low or high.

Claire (age 17)
It’s often on my mind, but I find it unhealthy if it’s on your mind 24/7. I’m sure many parents of T1D children would like it to be that way, but it’s not really a good way for a kid to live.

Laura (age 17)
I actually sometimes go throughout the day and forget that I have diabetes. (I never actually stop taking care of myself, though.) I don’t feel like I need to think about diabetes constantly because it’s not the only important aspect of my life. I feel like even when I’m older, I’ll continue thinking about it from time to time when I need to, and not let it consume my thoughts.

Ashley C. (age 14)
Honestly I don’t really worry about it unless I’m doing something really active or my bg is all over the place.

Jessica (age 20)
I’ll admit that diabetes is not at the forefront of my mind as often as it should be. However, I don’t agree with the statement that it should be thought about 24/7. Diabetes is a part of you, not who you are. You don’t think about going to the bathroom 24/7, but you go when you need to. I feel diabetes works similarly. As we get older we are able to read the signs and signals from our body and know that we must check and bolus at meal times. It is necessary to think about diabetes at the appropriate times, just like it is necessary to think about and go to the bathroom when your body tells you. Being at college, as well as having a busier life as I get older, has made diabetes take a back burner at certain times. Nonetheless, I feel it is most important that I recognize this and I am working on fixing it. Diabetes is not easy to live with and it takes more mental awareness than people realize, however, it is not our whole lives.

Nick (age 20)
I don’t think it’s reasonable to think about it in 24/7 terms. Most of the day, I honestly forget about mine. A CGM and pump keep me on track in between meals, and they even calculate my dosages at meals. As I get older, the technology is only going to get better and do more.

Mercedes (age 16)
Diabetes is always on your mind, but it is only in the background more so than your number one thought. Diabetes should be something on your mind, because once you don’t think about it, you forget what lows feel like and you start having problems.

Cameron (age 17)
Diabetes is not on my mind 24/7. I don’t think about it every second of the day. I still test and bolus for my meals and try to check my CGM to see if I need to do corrections or anything, but sometimes I like to act as though diabetes doesn’t even exist.

Lexi (age 16)
I don’t think it should be thought of 24/7 because sometimes something else is important to think about. It’s not like you’re constantly having low blood sugars every 30 minutes. During sports or anything like that is most likely when you should be more concerned about your diabetes.

Vanessa (age 16)
Diabetes is always on my mind 24/7 because it effects the way I feel every moment of the day. And I’m always thinking I need to check or I need to do a shot all of the time. Especially when I’m driving now it’s always on my mind and I’m always making sure I’m in range so I can drive safe.

Ashley B. (age 16)
Diabetes isn’t on the forefront of my mind very often. Only when my blood sugar is high or low or if I’m sick do I worry about it.

Julia (age 14)
I personally think diabetes is a constant thought if you’re taking care of yourself properly. You always have to think about how many carbs a certain food is and when to check your sugar. I also think people think about it more when they have a pump because it beeps a lot so you’re reminded frequently. I don’t think for me that will change as I get older because I plan on taking care of myself when I leave for college and the rest of my life

Jordan (age 18)
It is never in the forefront of my mind.  I only think about it when I need to test and eat.