Teen Topic #42: What is the biggest “ooops” moment you’ve had with your T1?

Mercedes (age 16)
My biggest  oops with my diabetes is also a funny one. I accidentally filled my omnipod up with air instead of insulin. I even wore that pod around for a while wondering why my blood glucose was running so high. Come to find out, I didn’t have any insulin in me but air.

Laura (age 16)
One time I checked my sugar because I thought it was low and it turned out to be 400 but I didn’t think to check twice so I gave the whole bolus. Then, 10 minutes later I felt worse so I checked it again and it was 46. I felt so sick after eating tons of Reese’s cups and drinking orange juice so I could cover for the low and the amount of insulin I had given myself.

Claire (age 17)
My biggest “ooops” moment has to be the time I accidentally dosed my full long acting regime of 27 units, except on my short acting insulin, so I ended up staying up late eating carbs and sugar to not go low.

Erin (age 17)
My biggest mistake is either taking too much insulin and going low and having a hard time coming back up , or forgetting to take lantus or regular insulin at a meal and then being sky high.

Cameron (age 17)
Probably when I left my CGM on my bed and left for school, or when I left my CGM in one of my classes at school.

Ashley C  (age 14)
My biggest oops moment is a story we continually tell to this day. It was a couple of months after I got type 1 and my friend’s mom (who is like my second mom) took us to the movies and at movies you eat candy. Soooo… I ate a box of sour skittles and didn’t take any insulin cause we forgot. Then at the end of the movie my friends mom asked me, “Ashley did you take any insulin?” Obviously no, so we were all scared to call my mom and tell her but we did and she told us to just let me run it off and that’s what we did 🙂

Vanessa (age 15)
Probably forgetting to do my shot and then forgetting if I actually ended up doing it or not at all, because then I have to keep a close eye on my bloodsugar and see what direction it’s going and decide whether or not I actually did the insulin or if I didn’t.

Andrew (age 14)
I’m an athlete who plays five different sports; football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee. We often travel one or two hours away from home / school for road games. There was one incident when my team traveled an hour and a half for an away game. I accidently left my testing kit at school.  I didn’t realize this until I went to test just before warm-ups. So, there I was, an hour and a half away from school: no testing kit, no insulin, and with my parents not at the game.  I had no access to my kit, or insulin, for five hours.

Nick (age 19)
I once went an entire 24 hours without doing any insulin. It was super busy that day, and I just completely forgot. My mom asked me how it felt to live without diabetes for a whole day.

Anna (age 15)
I was showing goats for 4H. As I was about to enter the arena, I looked down and saw that my goat had chewed my pump tubing in half. My dad hurried up and got me changed out before the show. It’s true that goats eat everything, including insulin pump tubing!

Joshua (age 18)
I had only been diagnosed a year at most, and my mom and I were visiting family in Oregon.  With 3 days left of our trip the only bottle of Insulin we brought fell out of the box and broke. So for 30 minutes my mom got whatever insulin she could scrounge up into multiple syringes! That was the day we learned one vial isn’t enough! Sometimes two! Lol

Jessica (age 20)
The biggest “oops” moment I have had with T1D is forgetting my pump at my Uncle’s house or jumping in the pool with my pump on. In the first situation I was little and had taken my pump off to go on a hike in the snow with my mother and aunt. After the hike and some food my mom and I began to drive home. Halfway home we got a phone call from my Uncle saying that he had this device that said ‘Minimed’ on it and wondered if it was important. So of course we said yes and he was so kind to meet us halfway and drop it off. As for the second story, one summer I jumped off the diving board into my grandparents pool and I felt something heavy on my hip that I didn’t normally feel when swimming. When I came up to the surface I realized my pump was still on (thankfully it still worked, but yes, we called the company to make sure).

Skylyn (age 16)
I haven’t really had any huge “oops” moment with my T1. I have forgotten to bolus a few times but I feel like that’s normal for every diabetic to have forgotten to bolus at least once in their lifetime.

Julia (age 14)
I ran out of insulin at school but luckily my mom was off work so she was able to get me what I needed.

Jordan (age 18)
My biggest oops moment is the time I accidentally got two shots of fast-acting insulin before dinner.  I was little, and my parents used to give me my shots.  I was playing a video game and my mom came in to give me my dinner shot, and I didn’t notice.  A little while later my dad came in and gave me my dinner shot – again!  (and I still didn’t notice) He then told my mom that he had given me the shot, and she freaked out because she had already done it.  Long story short – ice cream.

Ian (age 14)
Once I had to rush straight from school to dance, but I had forgotten my bag of supplies at home. So when I got there my bs was 435 and I had no insulin or syringes. (Luckily I had a friend who gave me some) 🙂

Ashley B. (age 15)
The biggest oops moment I’ve had is forgetting my meter at home on several different occasions. Usually, it happens when my family takes a trip to a different city, and we end up having to turn around on the way there.

Lexi (age 16)
When I went to my friend’s house forgetting to fill my cartridge and ended up running out of insulin.




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