TEEN TOPIC 37:   Would you rather money be donated for a cure only, or do you like the fact that donations are also designated towards tech advancements to help the management of T1, support and outreach, and education?

Cameron (age 17)
I would keep it as it is right now, with the donations designated towards tech advancements to help the management of T1, support and outreach, and education. It’s not like a cure would be available to everyone in the world in a minute after it’s discovered. That’s why the donations should stay the way they are, so newly diagnosed people can have a better understanding of how to manage diabetes.

Nick (age 19)
I think the research into treatment and therapy is incredibly important. A cure may be right around the corner, and pouring money into finding one might get us there faster. Or it might be years and a significant technological advance away, and no amount of money will get us there faster. I think the current methods of treating T1D could and should be improved in the meantime.

Claire (age 17)
I think any advancement or help to the community is great.

Ashley B. (age 15)
I think any donations towards any research for diabetes is extremely helpful. If we strictly donated money to the cure, there wouldn’t be any improvements on insulin pumps, insulin, or meters.

Ian (age 14)
I think that all donated money should be put toward a cure only, but a majority of net profits from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture diabetes supplies should be put towards development of diabetes technology.

Lexi (age 15)
Well I am really hoping for a cure, but I think we all know that’s going to be a few years from now. For now I’m happy that they go to education, and treatments. It’s great that people know about diabetes and how it actually is.

Jessica (age 20)
Personally, I think both are necessary. However, I feel that the majority of the money should be designated towards a cure since with a cure, technological advances won’t be necessary and the money can be used to sustain the cure (i.e. make more shots or product) or be given to another charity that can also use the funds. Nonetheless, the advancements that make our lives just that much better are nice and appreciated by all.

Jordan (age 18)
Money should be donated to upgrading technology because I feel like if we upgrade technology enough, a cure won’t even be necessary.

Mercedes (age 16)
I think that it’s important that donated money goes toward everything involving diabetes.

Erin (age 17)
I think it’s important for money to go towards both because we need to have advancements to lead towards a cure, and advancements make managing diabetes easier are just one step closer to a cure.

Ashley C. (age 14)
I like how they distribute the money to different things other than just the cure.

Skylyn (age 16)
I would rather the donations be for technology advances towards T1 management. Personally, I think finding a “cure” seems too far-fetched and nearly impossible. I think for the future, technology will improve more and more and management of T1 will become easier.

Vanessa (age 15)
I would like all of the money to go to a cure. But it can’t happen so easily. It takes time and patience so I like that during the time of them searching for a cure money is also going towards technology that helps us get closer and closer to finding a cure.

Laura (age 16)
I feel like even with more money donated to find a cure, it’d still take a while for one to actually be made and approved. I’m glad that money is donated to help improve all the other things too, because they’re all key factors of making people aware of diabetes, and also helping t1d sustain an almost normal life.


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