Teen Topic 33: What is the most annoying thing about T1D?


Lexi (age 15)
My mom has tried a lot to get me to test at school or when at a friend’s house. Reminders, texts, even texting my friends to remind me, making me go to the nurse. I don’t find it annoying but constant repeats of little things that can affect my blood sugar can get on my nerves.

Laura (age 16)
Can everything be an answer? (Ha.) If I had to pinpoint one thing, I’d probably have to say the feeling of being dragged down by something that isn’t, I guess, physically there? I mean yes, it is physically there, but the people around me don’t really understand the extent of how diabetes affects me. It’s like I have shackles on my ankles and no one is aware of them other than myself.

Ashley C. (age 14)
All of it.

Jessica (age 20)
For me, the most annoying thing about T1D is facing the fact that I never feel 100%. Diabetes comes with many other health complications, some more minor than others. However, when I sit down to do homework and it takes me forever or can’t focus in class, I realize that it’s due to my blood sugars always fluctuating. Unlike other diseases where you can have “good days” and “bad days”, T1D typically comes with “good moments” and “bad moments”. In any one given day you feel good and bad, and this can change at any second. As a result, there is never one day or moment in time when I can say “I feel 100%!” and that is annoying and a difficult concept to explain to others.

Erin (age 17)
The high and low blood sugars.

Claire (age 17)
The most annoying thing is when people think I can’t have sugar and candy with my diabetes. It annoys me to the max.

Cameron (age 17)
The most annoying thing about T1D is what it feels like to be low. The feeling of being weak and having blurry vision is terrible. IT just makes me feel so uncomfortable and not like my usual self.

Ashley B. (age 15)
The most annoying thing to me about diabetes is the whole “Oh my god! Look, she’s doing drugs!” when you give a shot in public. Or maybe when a teacher tries to confiscate your “cell phone” because of a low cartridge.

Nick (age 19)
Leaking pump sites! I never know how much insulin I’ve actually received, so I have to guess how much more to do. So frustrating.

Ian (age 14)
Offensive diabetes jokes, and people saying ” so you ate too much sugar?” or” but you’re not fat.” or even ” my grandmother has diabetes” and then proceeding to tell me what to do as if they were an expert. But the worst of all is when they say, “Oh I wish I could eat candy and use that as an excuse” and they think that there’s nothing bad associated with T1D.

Mercedes (age 16)
The most annoying thing that people do is try and tell you about diabetes or try and tell you how you should live with your diabetes when they themselves don’t have diabetes.

Jordan (age 18)
The most annoying part of T1 is having to remember to test all the time.

Skylyn (age 16)
When it comes to diabetes, a lot of things can be annoying. One of the most annoying things though I think is when people say things like, “what would you like instead since you can’t have sweets” or ” wait, is it OK for you to eat that? I thought you weren’t allowed to have sweets” or “oh you’re a diabetic. You must have had a lot of sweets as a kid”. Like seriously people, get with the times! Just because I’m a diabetic doesn’t mean I can’t have sugar or that I had too much sugar in my childhood.


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