Teen Topic #29:  Which T1D supplies do YOU think you need to carry at all times?

Mercedes (age 16)
I think you need to carry your meter at all times with the testing supplies like your test strips and poker. You also need to carry your glucagon, for emergency.

Claire (age 17)
The one diabetic supply YOU just carry at all times, in my opinion is your blood checker. That is such an important tool for us, that it is necessary that one has it at all times.

Ashley C. (age 14)
I carry my meter, glucose tabs, extra site, and extra insulin.

Erin (age 17)
I carry my test kit and low treatments.

Cameron (age 17)
If you don’t have a CGM, then you definitely need to carry your meter with you. If you feel low, you need to test to see if you need anything. I have a CGM, and it’s usually accurate, so I slip a tube of tabs in my pocket, so if I feel low or my CGM shows me going down, I can treat. I only just carry tabs when I’m going somewhere that I know will have other sources of food/drink, such as a football game or my friend’s house. If I was on a long car ride, then I would bring all of my supplies with me.

Jessica (age 20)
I think that one should ALWAYS carry their glucometer and insulin (pump or shot supplies) on them at all times. Snacks are a good idea, however it usually isn’t difficult to find something. If you know it will be hard to find a snack for lows then it is important to carry at least a roll of glucose tabs. Some people think that it is necessary to carry a change of pump supplies with them, but I don’t feel that is the case. I understand that (especially as a girl) carrying a lot is not something we always want to do. In most cases, I think that it is possible to head home if something happens and change it then, followed by a correction if need be. Life happens and sometimes we cannot always be prepared, but having your meter and insulin on you at all times can help solve the majority of issues that can arise.

Ashley B. (age 15)
I feel that I need to have my meter, sugar, syringes, insulin, and my glucagon at the very least. I’ve never had to use my glucagon, but I’d rather have it on me.

Nick (age 19)
I’ve actually started carrying around a man purse specifically for my supplies. I keep my test kit, a spare pump site, and a few snacks.

Jordan (age 18)
I feel it’s necessary to carry a tester and the necessary supplies to deliver insulin whether it be a pump or syringes.  Other than this, other diabetic supplies are only necessary for prolonged trips or periods of time in which you will be removed from your cache of supplies.

Zyler (age 16)

Ian (age 14)
I always feel the need to carry my pump, meter, and money or low candies. I also feel the need to carry a cell phone just in case I should need to contact someone

Joseph (age 15)
I usually only carry my meter, insulin, and glucose tabs.

Vanessa (age 15)
Glucose tabs, and insulin.

Laura (age 16)
Definitely all of your stuff for your meter, and something to treat a low. Other stuff may vary depending on where you’re going, but those things you should take everywhere.

Lexi (age 15)
What you need to carry with you would most definitely be things to eat when having a low sugar crash like glucose tabs or candy. Another one would be your meter. Always have your meter for when you need to check. Check when you feel high or low or when you need to at lunch.

Skylyn (age 16)
The only thing I think I need with me at all times is my pump and since it is connected to me it always is.