Teen Topic #27: If you are allowed special accommodations during school, such as extra test time, eating snacks in class, behavior allowances, etc… (with a 504 plan, or another plan with your school), do you use those accommodations? Please explain.

Mercedes (age 16)
The only special accommodations that I use is that I can eat in class, test in class, and that I can use my phone if needed. There are other accommodations that are on my 504 plan but I don’t use them, like going to get a drink whenever I want or going to the bathroom whenever. I mostly don’t use these ones because the teachers tend to not know about them.

Claire (age 17)
I always use my accommodations! They’re put there to help me manage everything, and let me continue to care for my diabetes while still going to school. For example, I have one accommodation that allows me to be late to school if my blood sugar is too low for me to drive. I have yet to use this, but if it comes to it, and I happen to be low one morning I’m running extra late, I will most definitely use it.

Ashley C. (age 14)
I get the extra test time but I never use it. If my blood sugar is low in class I’ll eat in class. I’m not going to leave just because other students don’t have any food. And I’m held responsible for my actions diabetes or not.

Erin (age 17)
I am allowed special accommodations but I haven’t had to use them this year.

Cameron (age 16)
I only use accommodations for major tests, such as the PSAT’s, SAT’s, or AP Tests. With these, I test by myself in a separate room and can stop the clock if I go low or have to use the restroom. At my school, most teachers allow everyone to have food/drink in the classroom. In the cases in which the classroom is a peanut-free zone due to allergies present in the class, I step outside into the hallway to treat myself.

Jessica (age 20)
I have always had a 504 with accommodations for school and continue to do so in college. I have always felt it better safe than sorry. In college, things are set up differently than in grade school. Therefore, I either plan for accommodations with the professor or with our disability services coordinator. I take the extra time because it is hard to ensure that the professor will have time to proctor if need be on the fly, and you can never predict blood sugars so better to have everything in place just in case. In grade school I always managed to just stay after with the teacher or come earlier if necessary. In college, food and drink gets difficult with lab classes, but there is always a way to manage if the line of communication is kept open; and I have never had any issues with food or drink in any class.

Ashley B. (age 15)
I absolutely use the 504 plan in school. I use the accommodations for the PSAT, end of course exams, and stuff like that.

Nick (age 19)
I’m allowed to have food and drink in class, as well as what I refer to as an “infinite hall pass,” that lets me go to the bathroom whenever I want. I don’t use that one much, but I do eat and drink in class when I need to. If I didn’t, my blood sugar would be all over the place.

Jordan (age 17)
Yes, I do use them because I believe they are essential to success as a diabetic in school.  During every day school I feel that this is not a big issue, but during testing periods, especially long ones like AP Tests, The SAT, and The ACT, it is important to use these 504 plans because when your number is high or low you are not performing to the best of your abilities, and on tests like these that determine your future it is important to be performing at maximum capacity.

Zyler (age 16)
I only use my accommodations when I really need to.

Ian (age 14)
I am allowed accommodations in school, and I will use them occasionally, but only if needed, unless totally and unavoidably necessary.  I find that using them ostracizes me from the rest of my fellow classmates and can set me behind in the regards of my schoolwork.

Joseph (age 15)
I am allowed to eat a snack during class, but this isn’t a special thing since as long as you’re quiet, everyone can do it. I am able to leave class using a certain pass I have if I have an emergency, though.

Vanessa (age 15)
I’ve used some, as far as I would stop a test because I realized my blood sugar was high/low. I try not to use them just so I don’t get comments from people such as “oh she’s special and gets what she wants” etc.

Laura (age 16)
I try not to use these if I don’t have to because I like to feel like just another kid in school. I don’t like feeling like I get special treatment. If I really needed to though, I’d use the accommodations.

Skylyn (age 16)
I know that I do have the 504 plan for at school but it doesn’t make any difference. It’s like it doesn’t even exist. And honestly, I am fine with that. I don’t need all these special accommodations.

Lexi (age 15)
Mostly I use the snack thing. I don’t ask for a longer time to take a test or anything like that. And hey, us teens eat a lot so of course teen diabetics are going to use that for eating in class.

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