TEEN TOPIC #23: If a shot was created that would cure you immediately and permanently, would you take it? Why or why not?

Ashley B (age 15)
I might take the shot after I’ve completed all the years at diabetes camp, because I couldn’t give up that place

Claire (age 16)
If there was a shot that completely cure me, permanently, with no side effects, of course I would take it. As much as I love how much this experience has taught me, I would love to get rid of it. Especially since I’ll be going off to college next year and won’t want my mom checking up on me every day. But also because I don’t even remember what it’s like to be a normal kid. I was diagnosed at age 7, and now that I’ve been dealing with this for 10 years, I don’t remember any time before this. So even if the cure was for a day, a week, or a month, I would still take it.

Cameron (age 16)
Probably not. I’d gladly let someone take it before I did so I could
see if there were any side effects to it. Honestly, having diabetes
isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be.

Joshua (age 18)
Yes, because I have a hard time managing my diabetes care as it is, and I could only dream to not live like this anymore…

Jessica (age 20)
If a shot was created to permanently cure me, I am not sure that I would actually take it. Having T1D for the past 15 years has opened doors, given me several opportunities of a lifetime, and introduced me to so many amazing people. I would, without a doubt, not be the person I am today if I didn’t have diabetes. I am just not sure I am ready to give that up. Yes, a cure is something that I want badly and there are days I hate diabetes. But…. I would be lying if I said diabetes hasn’t changed my life for the better in certain ways.

Mercedes (age 16)
I would take the shot because I would no longer have a life threatening disease. My disease would no longer worry my parents. If I did take the shot I would still want to be involved with the diabetes community. I would love to tell people my experience and help others.

Ian (age 13)
Yes, I would. I would do so because it would make my acting and school careers so much easier. I also could enjoy, in a greater way, the 2015 E.P.C.O.T. Food and Wine festival. (I am sort of a foodie)

Zyler (age 16)
Probably not. At least not at first. I was diagnosed when I was 2, so I don’t know life without it. I might later but not at first.

Ashley C. (age 14)
Umm…ya! Who wouldn’t? You get cured for the rest of your life. I would take it 1.Beause diabetes is annoying 2. Who wouldn’t want to be normal and not different from everybody else?

Cole (age 15)
Yes I’d take it. I’m not afraid of my diabetes or shots or lows or anything, and I’m not particularly worried about it or anything, but if I had the option, I’d take it. I’d have more time in my schedule without endo appointments, I’d save money with the medical bills, and I’d have one less thing to think about. These aren’t things I lose sleep over or anything, but if I could get rid of them I probably would.

Joseph (age 15)
Yes, and because there doesn’t seem to be a catch, there’s no real reason not to.

Erin (age 17)
More of my life was spent being non diabetic vs being diabetic. I would definitely take the shot because not only would I feel like i was normal again , but maybe i would fit in more and people wouldn’t dislike me. At the same time without diabetes, I never would have made amazing pen pals who are sisters to me. Do I regret Diabetes ? No. Would i want a cure? Yes.

Jordan (age 17)
Yes, I would take it because I don’t want diabetes any more. I’m kind of over it.

Sean (age 14)
No, I wouldn’t take it. If I took the cure then I would not be able to meet new people like I have been through the many diabetes oriented events like FFL and diabetes camp. This is where I met almost all of my diabetic friends that are amazing people.

Nick (age 19)
Absolutely. There’s nothing I really enjoy about having diabetes, so if a cure were to be available I would take it.

Skylyn (age 15)
Yes, I would take it. Even though I have met some amazing people and had many amazing experiences all because of my type 1, I feel like life would be less stressful and easier without diabetes. I wouldn’t have to carry snacks all the time for lows or worry about having enough insulin and supplies. I wouldn’t have to get shots all the time either.

Lexi (age 15)
Yes I would take the shot. Diabetes (especially for a teen) is hard because your body changes a lot, and when you take shots or have pump sight changes you develop scar tissue and that’s not all that great. For teens it’s hard to remember to test your blood sugar or bolus.

Vanessa (age 15)
Yes, because I’m tired of having a poking stomach from doing my shots in the only place that it doesn’t hurt, and tired of my fingers having black dots on them. I’m just ready to not have to deal with the stress.

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