Teen Topic #21: When dealing with feeling of burnout, what helps change your mindset? 

Skylyn (age 15)
I never really get the feeling of burnout. I know that I have to test and give myself insulin in order to keep my diabetes under control and to stay healthy.

Mercedes (age 16)
My family helps me get back where I need to be. Just talking to them helps a lot, and my dad said we can go smash some old meters that don’t work anymore to help me feel better.

Claire (age 16)
What helps change my mindset is thinking about how fortunate I am. All the amazing things I have in life give me the motivation to keep going.

Ian (age 13)
I cannot answer because I haven’t felt that yet.

Jessica (age 19)
When I feel burnt out from diabetes I find that the understanding of my parents is the most helpful. We all know that you want what is best for us but it is even better when you can place yourself in our shoes and understand where we are coming from. Talking to my endo and making small adjustments in my daily routine are usually key. Often I get burnt out because life is crazy and diabetes is just extra time I don’t want to spend; which is why parental understanding and encouragement is best.

Ashley C. (age 14)
I’m in the middle of one so I can’t tell you anything cause I’m 19 miles past done with diabetes.

Cameron (age 16)
Separating myself from everyone and being alone for a while. I’ll usually listen to music and tune everyone out for a while.

Luke (age 15)
I try to remind myself of the dangers and long term effects of diabetes.  I don’t like feeling high either, so I try to do right so I won’t feel bad later on.

Philip (age 16)
I really don’t know about this one. I’ve never really felt burnout yet.

Ashley B. (age 15)
Burnout is very common with me and my friends. I just get tired of having to count carbs and give shots and measure food and this and that, while my nonnie friends are free to do whatever. I know I HAVE to do it, I just don’t WANT to. My mom usually offers to bolus me for my food, but I get tired of having to wait for stuff and jut resume taking care of myself.

Cole (age 15)
Just pushing through. There are good days and there’s bad days. Sometimes if it gets really bad I’ll go to my mom and let her manage me more than usual so that some of the stress can be taken off me. Also, I might just deal with the high. Long term high blood sugars feel worse than giving shots so it’ll give me the kick I need if all else fails.

Garrett (age 16)
I just focus on what is going good in my life and realize that worrying or being upset won’t change anything. I don’t like testing. That is what burns me out the most. Sometimes I go high because I skip testing and then I don’t feel good so it’s not worth it.

Cody (age 14)
I get burnt out sometimes but my dad will talk to me about why it’s important to do the things that I have to do.

Josh (age 18)
Going out helps me.

Zyler (age 15)
For me usually talking about it with a friend.

Laura (age 16)
There’s nothing that really helps, not for me anyways. I just have to wait for the burnout to run its course, and then get back to it as soon as I can.

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