TEEN TOPIC #19: Do you check your blood sugar in the middle of the night? If not, when do you check last, and how do you get through the night? Do your parents still check you during the night?

Mercedes (age 16)
I sometimes cheek my blood sugar at night, usually only when I wake up from feeling a low or when my CGM goes off waking me up. My parents still check me at night sometimes, only when it is felt that it is needed.

Claire (age 16)
I don’t check in the middle of the night per se, but I check before bed every night to see how my number is before bed. My parents don’t check me in the middle of the night, because I’m incredibly independent.

Ian (age 13)
I use my Dexcom to get through the night. We use the share, and if it buzzes my mom brings a juice.

Jessica (age 19)
I check my blood sugar every night before I go to bed and either have a snack, do half a correction, or do nothing (depending on the number).  At college I do not check myself in the middle of the night unless I wake up feeling low. However, at home my mom checks me in the middle of the night if need be. Being in college, I go to sleep around midnight, so checking before bed is usually enough to last me through the night. I always keep my test kit and a juice on my nightstand just in case I need it.

Ashley C. (age 14)
My mom checks me before bed.

Cameron (age 16)
I don’t test myself in the middle of the night. I test before I go to bed however. Also I have the CGM so whenever it goes off saying I’m low at night, my parents come test me.

Luke (age 15)
Sometimes I set my alarm to check because I do not hear my Dexcom alarms.  Usually my mom wakes up when her phone goes off with the Dexcom share alarm.  Before I got the Dexcom, my mom got up during the night all the time.  The Dexcom has helped a lot.  I test before bed and depending on my bg, I may have a cup of milk.  Milk helps me stay steady during the night.  If I am high, I treat with insulin and my mom or I check about 3 hours later to make sure I don’t bottom out.

Philip (age 16)
I don’t check during the night unless I feel low. I usually check before I go to bed, and I will have a snack before bed to get me through. If I have been low all day, my mom will come check me during the night.

Ashley B. (age 15)
I don’t check my blood sugar throughout the night. I do, however, check immediately before bed.  Since I only check before meals or when I feel that I have to, I can usually feel my blood sugars drop in the night. I’ve become more aware of my sugars when I’m not constantly checking. That way my body can actually feel the loss more often, instead of having to check constantly.

Cole (age 15)
I don’t test in the middle of the night. Instead, I just check when I go to bed and when I get up in the morning. I’ve gone low at night before, but I feel it and wake up. I rarely have to, though. My mom doesn’t check me in the middle of the night unless I’m sick or on my period, because my sugars are more volatile, but even then only when it’s really bad.

Garrett (age 16)
No, I don’t check myself at night. My parents sometimes do. It depends on what my bedtime number is. I usually check between 10pm and 11pm. If I’m below 100- my parents will check me in a couple hours. I usually wake up in the middle of the night when I’m low or high.

Cody (age 14)
My parents haven’t checked me in the middle of the night since I was diagnosed. I check before bed and that’s it till morning.

Josh (age 18)
No, I do not check in the middle of the night.  I last check a couple hours after dinner or before bed. With my last check, I either make a correction with insulin or if needed have a small snack. My mom doesn’t check me at night unless there is a reason to, such as if I am sick, had excessive exercise, or it’s been an odd day of low low low.

Skylyn (age 15)
My parents usually test me in the middle of night. If I don’t go to bed until like 3am, then I’ll test before going to bed and then not test again until I wake up in the morning.

Jordan (age 17)
I have no idea if my parents test me.  I am asleep.  I don’t test myself in the middle of the night unless I wake up. If I wake up I figure it must be for a reason, so I test.  I usually test before I go to sleep (which is around 11 or 12, sometimes later now that it’s summer).  I keep juice boxes by my bed, so if I wake up with a low I can treat myself.

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