Teen Topic #16: Do you have Type 1 role models that you look up to (celebs, athletes, people in your community)? If not, do you wish you had someone like that?

Ashley C. (age 14)
I used to look up to Bethany Hamilton ; when I went and saw her movie I looked at my mom said “she’s my hero because she overcame an issue and she’s fine.” Now I just look up to anyone who has overcome something. 

Philip (age 16)
I don’t have a T1D role model I look up to. I’m not the type of person that has role models, so no, I wouldn’t really care if I did/didn’t.

Claire (age 16)
My biggest role model that’s a T1D has to be Nick Jonas. I have loved him since I was 9 when the Jonas Brothers were still together. I love how he did hugely physical shows and still managed his diabetes, and the fact that he was open about his experience in order to inspire other diabetics. Not to mention he wrote and absolutely beautiful song, called ‘A Little Bit Longer’ talking about his experiences with his diagnoses of his diabetes. He is and always will be my biggest role model, and the little girl in me might have something to do with that.

Jordan (age 17)
My role model in Type 1 diabetes is (author and activist)) Moira McCarthy Stanford, because  of the way she advocates for diabetes and selflessly gives of her time and efforts to those in need with diabetes.

Mercedes (age 16)
My T1D role models are my diabetic friends. They know what I’m going through and we are close. They know my struggles and I know there struggles.

Garrett (age 16)
Ryan Reed- NASCAR driver , Jay Cutler- NFL

Laura (age 16)
I currently do not have someone like that, but it’d probably be nice to have one. I feel like if I had someone to look up to, I’d be more likely to take care of myself than I am now.

Cole (age 15)
Not really. I guess it would be nice to have someone to look up to but I sort of look up to myself. Every day I’m thriving and every day that’s something to be proud of.
Cameron (age 16)
Someone I’ve always looked up to is Jay Cutler. He is a quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and every time he goes over to the sideline he tests his sugar. So that is an example of why you shouldn’t hide your diabetes. You have a professional quarterback on national television testing his blood sugar, so why should I be afraid to do it in front of a couple kids?

Jessica (age 19)
I don’t think I have one single T1D role model. I take all the information from other T1Ds and use it to formulate my own opinions and ways of managing my diabetes. We all have the same diseases, yet we all have different experiences. I look up to every person I have ever met facing this illness. Each one of them is strong for fighting through diabetes and has lessons to give to everyone else. I take their advice and stories and learn from them, applying it to my own life. We all know T1D is not an easy disease to live with and so, to me, everyone who is able to live with it is a role model and empowers me to do better.

Allie (age 13)
I don’t have any type 1 role models I look up to mostly because I don’t really get out much to have role models at all. My mom always points out celebrities with diabetes when she sees one on tv, but all I really think is, “Good for them, they don’t let the disease hold them back,” and then I go back to doing whatever I was before. I don’t wish I had a role model or anything like that, either. I think I’m fine the way I am now.

Ian (age 13)
No, I don’t have a T1 role model, and I am happy about it. I strive to be my own role model when it comes to this. I wish to dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to run where the brave dare not go, yes, I do know that was from man of La Mancha. (That is my favorite musical ever! It is quite inspirational to me)

Luke (age 15)
I really don’t have any role models I look up to.  I know people that have it and play sports and stuff, but no one I would call a role model.

Cody (age 14)
A role model I have that has type one diabetes is the NFL QB jay cutler

Ashley B.(age 15)
Oh my god, Nick Jonas will still forever be my favorite Jonas brother. The funny thing is, I actually don’t have as many T1 idols as I do non-t1  idols.

Jayden (age 16)
Nick Jonas is my future husband.

Joseph (age 15)
I do look up to my mom because she’s had it for much of her life and taught me how to deal with it. Other than her, I don’t have any others and I don’t feel the need to have any others. It’s too trivial to go and find people to look up to.

Page (age 17)
The t1’s I look up to are my camp counselors I had as a kid and in the past few years. Diabetes camp is one of the best things a diabetic could go to because it is so fun and your counselors teach you so much. Last year was the last time I was a camper and this year I’m applying to be a counselor so I can hopefully impact some of the younger t1’s as well. It’s a very eye opening fun experience to get to know other type ones your age and then my role models which are 5+ years older than me.

Joshua (age 17)
Ryan Reed is my role model as a professional racecar driver who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 17, because I am involved in the racing world. I do wish I had a role model who was closer.

Amy (age 18)
I have always sort of thought of Nick Jonas as a role model. He does so much and doesn’t let diabetes get in his way. But really Kirsten Barraclough is my biggest role model. She has been here for me and has helped me through so much over the years. I am so thankful to have her in my life. She has had Type1 for a very long time, has a daughter,  and is everything I hope to be someday. She has done it all with diabetes and takes her struggles and personal experiences to help others get through it.

Skylyn (age 15)
I don’t have T1D role models and I don’t wish I did. Someone is my role model for what they do and who they are, not just because they also have T1.

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