Teen Topic #9:   Have you ever been to Diabetes camp?   If you could name one good thing you came away with from camp, what would it be?

Philip (age 16)
Being around other diabetics encouraged me because I knew I wasn’t alone.

Mercedes (age 15)
I have been to diabetes camps before. I have been to 2 different ones. The one that I go to here where I live left me with amazing friends that live in my area. I also learned about the pump that I currently have.  I love my pump and am glad they were there. I have also been to the Orlando camp which is a great camp because you get to meet so many people from around the world with diabetes, and meet famous people as well. They are both great.

Ashley C (age 14)

Yes, I’ve been to CAMP KUDZU!!!! I went to camp within the year of getting diagnosed, which was a BIG help. I came home that week and gave my first injection by myself and was already talking about getting the pump.

Page (age 17)
Yes, I have been to camp and it is by far one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The best outcome for me would be getting to know other diabetic kids and becoming friends outside of camp to rely on each other for help, and to have support from kids my own age.

Jessica (age 19)
Yes I have. I attended Clara Barton Camp, which is for girls with T1D, for 8 years. It is in MA and I always attended the 14 day session. I think one good thing I came away from camp with was a community. Although I don’t keep in touch with many of the girls from camp, it opened my eyes to how many people were dealing with exactly the same situation I was. Every year I went back and I lived with many of the same girls. We were able to catch up, talk about different aspects of diabetes, and of course, guys. It was also amazing to see not only the same campers, but all the staff who had T1D, as well as show the new campers that they aren’t alone. I think knowing that others are in similar situations, or have been in the past, is an important part of successfully dealing and managing this disease.

Laura (age 16)
There’s not much I can say about this because I’ve never been to a Diabetes camp. If I had the opportunity though, I feel like the thing I would bring home with me is feeling less alone. Being a type one diabetic, even though I know for a fact there’s many other people who are also type one diabetics, I still often feel alone in the world.

Zyler (age 15)
I have been to camp 3 times. The best thing I got from camp would be the friends that I made.

Ian (age 13)
Yes, I have been to diabetes camp, and I hated it. It was horrible. The food wasn’t good, nor was the cabin experience. I couldn’t bring anything good from camp, but Friends For Life (the CWD Conference held annually in July) and things like that I enjoy. I prefer to have a private room to escape to and not have to do stuff if I really don’t want to.

Luke (age 15)
The best thing about going to camp is meeting people that share the “day to day” struggles of  living with diabetes. We get to share stories with each other about our journey living with  diabetes.  You can talk open with them and you know they will understand what you are going through.

Nicole (age 14)
Yes. I made some amazing friends. It’s so different to have kids that know what you deal with on a daily basis.

Ashley B. (age 15)
I’ve been to Camp Sweeney for diabetics (ages 6-18) who would like to meet other diabetics, and do all the typical things you would do at a normal summer camp. I’ve been going to that camp for roughly 7 years now, and I love every bit of it.

Skylyn (age 15)
I have been to a diabetes camp before and it is a good experience. I went 2 years ago and met some amazing people, lifetime friends. One good thing about going to a diabetes camp is meeting so many people that go through the same thing you are going through. The best feeling  is knowing that you are not alone.

Allie (age 13)
I have gone to diabetes camp. One good thing I have taken away from it is how super accepting everyone is there. It is super easy to make friends and there are so many fun things to do there. It’s a really great experience over all.

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