Teen Topic #3: Do you really forget to bolus when you are with your friends? Is there a part of you that just wants to not feel like you have extra things to do in front of your peers? Are you embarrassed?

Kate (14)
I always bolus. Why would I be embarrassed?

Mercedes (15)
I personally don’t forget to bolus around friends, at least not on purpose. I do think some people do, but more because they don’t fell conferrable doing so around friends.

Garrett (16)
I don’t forget to bolus. I’m pretty good with making sure I bolus. Yes, there is a part of me that wishes I didn’t have to do extra things in front of my peers but I know that I don’t mind as long as I’m healthy. I am not embarrassed at all. 

Ian (13)
I feel like I sometimes remember more when I am with friends. I think that I do remember more because I am usually always going and thus have my bag and etc. with me so that gives me more of a reminder. I don’t want to have extra but you do what you have to. I am not embarrassed by my diabetes, but i sometimes prefer doing what i need to do privately to avoid questions and making people uncomfortable. 

Skylyn (15)
I’m not really embarrassed to test in front of friends, it’s just I don’t think most of my friends know I’m a diabetic because I’m not very open about it. Even if they do know, I still feel weird. I think if I had more friends who were diabetics then I may not be so awkward about it when I am with friends who aren’t diabetics.

Jessica (19)
I, personally, do honestly forget to bolus when with friends. It is not that I want to feel normal or fit in, but because there is so much going on and excitement that it escapes my mind. I am more inclined to check before the meal because there is more down time, but bolusing is harder because you are worried about paying, what’s happening next, being on time, or other things within the moment. The fact that I have a pump does make it easier because I can simply look down and push a couple of buttons. Shots is more time consuming and really does require a good 5 minutes that sometimes escapes the mind. I am in no way embarrassed, but I do admit that sometimes having to bolus is an extra responsibility that can be a nuisance when you and your peers want to head on to the next store or place. I know it is something vital but it is easy to forget when you are wrapped up in the gossip and next adventure with friends.

Ashley B (14)
I don’t forget to bolus when I’m with my friends, mainly because I’m worried that I’ll mess up severely and not be able to do things with my friends anymore. If anything, I’m more on top of my diabetes when my parents aren’t around, just because I feel the responsibility to actually manage it myself instead of having my parents take over. 

Zyler (15)
Yeah I get caught up in things.

Laura  (16)
Yes, actually, it is sort of embarrassing for me, but my friends are supportive and try to keep me intact with bolusing and everything.

Luke (15)
The only reason why I forget when I’m with my friends is because I’m usually having fun and time gets behind me. 

Allie  (13)
Most of the time, when I’m with friends and I forget to bolus it’s because we are doing something right before or after we eat so I get distracted. I don’t think I ever purposely not bolus for something I’m having, and I’m not embarrassed or anything.

 Claire  (16)
 I actually do forget to dose sometimes when I’m with friends, I just sort of forget what I have because my friends make me feel so normal that I don’t remember to dose for what I eat. I don’t do it intentionally, I just momentarily forget. I have no problem dosing or doing blood checks in front of peers or friends, because more than likely they’ll understand because I’m very open with my disease and how it affects me. When my friends and peers ask about it, I happily answer. I feel like there is no reason to feel embarrassed about something you have no control over and that actually isn’t embarrassing. It is actually a very good conversation starter.

Brandon (15)
I honestly do forget.  But if they don’t like me because I have an incurable disease, too bad for them.

Ashley C. (14)
I do sometimes forget to bolus when I’m with my friends but sometimes I do it on purpose because I don’t want to have to get all the stuff ready while they sit there and watch me like a hawk. I’m not “embarrassed” so much as annoyed when they watch me like a hawk so I don’t do it at all or I’ll put it in my leg where they can’t see it.

Jordan (17)
Sometimes I do forget.  It’s easy to forget when you are distracted.  I’m not embarrassed or anything, I just forget.

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